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What's New FILING OF FORM DIR-3-EKYC BY 31st AUGUST. PENALTY OF RS. 5000/- AFTER DUE DATE      Due Dates For the Month of December 2018      CBDT extends due date for filing of Income Tax Returns & audit reports from 30th Sept,2018 to 15th Oct, 2018     
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Sr. No. Name Description Download
1. CST Form 01 Form of return of Turnover under the Central Sales Tax Act, 1956 Download CST Form 01
2. CST Form 02 Declaration in case of Families, Associations, Firms etc. Download CST Form 02
3. CST Form 03 Register of Declaration Forms maintained under rule 17 of the Central Sales Tax (Rajasthan) Rules, 1957 Download CST Form 03
4. CST Form 04 Register of Certificate in Forms E-IE-II Download CST Form 04
5. CST Form 05 Sales Tax Challan Download CST Form 05
6. CST Form 05A e-CHALLAN Download CST Form 05A
7. CST Form 05B CAT Form 5B Download CST Form 05B
8. CST Form 06 Particulars to be mentioned in Inter-State Sales Register Download CST Form 06
9. CST Form 07 Application for the grant of Exemption Certificate Download CST Form 07
10. CST Form 08 Exemtion Certificate Download CST Form 08
11. CST Form 09 Application for obtaining Book of Declaration Forms Download CST Form 09
12. CST Form 09A Application for obtaining Book of Declaration Forms Download CST Form 09A
13. CST Form 10 Quarterly Abstract of the monthly account of Declaration Form 'C and Certificate in Forms E-I and E-II Download CST Form 10
14. CST Form 11 Statement of sales made by a dealer on declaration under subsection (4) of section 8 Download CST Form 11
15. CST Form 12 Statement of transfers made under section 6A, C.S.T. Act Download CST Form 12
16. CST Form 13 Register of declaration form F under section 6A of the Central Sales Tax Act Download CST Form 13
17. CST Form 14 Form of Memorandum of Appeal Download CST Form 14
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